Building a client base for your hair removal clinic
  • EMS
  • by admin
  • January 10, 2023

    So you are a happy owner of a hair removal clinic now. What is next? How to find customers and drive your sales? Here are some simple tactics and strategies to help you get more clients.  

    Make your name known

    Advertise your business online

    • Creating an attractive website is probably a starting point for any successful marketing. Remember: eye-catching designs and vivid color palettes are extremely important for the industries offering esthetic services. You can hire a professional web designer or save money and use free website-building platforms like WordPress or Jimdo.
    • Bump your site up in the search by investing in locally targeted Google Ads and setting up local ads on one or several social networks (e.g., Facebook or Instagram). Remember also SEO-optimization. 
    • Start your blog on a social network to explain how lasers work, which laser is better for different skin and hair tones, post before-after photos and treatment videos. In other words, create an informal communication platform to get closer to your future or existing clients. Actually, this is a clear case of killing two birds with one stone: a regularly updated blog is an efficient tool for improving your search engine rankings. 

    Attend specialized local events

    Whether a bridal show or a beauty expo, it is a great chance to promote your services and attract more clients. Be sure to prepare coupons, small gifts or branded merch to hand out to the visitors. A live demonstration is always an eye-catcher. 

    Design ad campaigns in line with seasonal demand for laser hair removal

    The high season for laser hair removal lasts approximately from March to August. This is a golden opportunity to “snatch” customers from earlier established laser salons that may be swamped with bookings. 

    Showcase your expertise

    Highlight your training and certifications. Make sure to post your technicians’ training certifications and licenses on your website and social media pages. Do not forget to display the certifications on the treatment area walls.    

    The easiest way is to post customer education content on your website and social media pages. The more advanced and “catchy” method is teaching seminars. Invite people to your office to show the ropes and demonstrate your products and services. Everybody loves a peek behind the scenes and how-to tutorials.

    Talk to your customers about your products and their benefits. Positioning yourself as an expert drives sales and allows charging higher fees.  Also, customer education is one of the best ways to attract new customers and boost customer retention.

    Stand out from other laser services suppliers

    Show your customer that you care by creating a comfortable service environment. 

    Save your clients’ money

    Offer referral bonuses

    Create a referral incentive program. Let your customers bring their friends and family or colleagues to your salon, offering them discounts on future services. Entice the clients with free laser removal giveaways like free bikini or free eyebrow wax touch-ups.

    Use creative pricing models

    Here you have a plethora of options: from attractive prices for the treatment of a single zone to package discounts in all possible variations. 

    Offer additional services for free

    While treatment of bikini zones and underarms is somewhat uncomfortable, free topical pain relief will be a nice bonus.

    Provide various payment options

    Many customers prefer to pay with credit or debit cards instead of cash. If this option is not available, they will probably go elsewhere. 

    Save your clients’ time

    Make an app

    A great way to increase your customer flow is to create a tool allowing the customers to book a session, make a deposit or full payment and even cancel an appointment, which would be at a button-touch distance. 

    Use online scheduler

    A built-in online scheduler makes your website a virtual reception board allowing time slot booking in no time. These days people stick to easy and quick solutions. 

    Offer upfront pricing

    Honesty is the best customer policy. Let the customers decide whether six or eight treatments fit their budget better and plan their costs for the desired beauty service. 

    Search for a new target audience

    Design marketing plans that target specific groups of the population joined by age, gender, race, etc. They may bring unexpected customer flows. 

    Outdoor advertising, marketing campaigns on radio and TV, and influencer ads are quite expensive. Before trying out these options, wait until your business is up and running and you have more cash to spare. 

    And remember, marketing is never a one-and-done option. Have an adaptive mindset to follow any changes in customer behavior and be ready to keep your eye on the ball.